Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How are Plastics Used in Industry?

Plastics are used ubiquitously in industry. In fact, it's fair to say that without various kinds of plastics, industry would cease to function. High performance manufactured plastics are used extensively, and unlike natural materials they are constructed with their final usage in mind. This gives them huge functional and practical advantages.
Plastics are most wildly used as a packaging material. Here, their role is somewhat passive. However, there are various advantages in using plastic as a packing material, namely affordability and durability. Also, plastic can be produced to be transparent or colored.
The second most common use of plastic is in construction. All sorts of building and construction products are made from plastic, and benefit as a result. Everything from bathroom units to insulation and pipes are typically made from plastic.
Engineering plastics are those plastics that are high performance. So, they combine temperature stability, abrasion resistance etc. These kinds of plastics are particularly valuable for industry, and they have a wide range of properties that place them above and beyond other materials. Engineering plastics are made by Quadrant Plastics.
In the home too plastic is an enabling material. We say enabling because in a sense plastic enables our modern comfort. It is a key part of modern technology, circuit boards etc, as well as forming the casing on computers, phones and other appliances.
So, the modern world is founded on plastic, but this shouldn't be cause for alarm, and plastics deliver profound functional and performance benefits.