Monday, 28 January 2013

Top Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Used Travel Trailer

Spring is on its way. With it comes the desire to free oneself from the confines of one's stagnant home in order to journey forth into the great outdoors. This year enjoy more than just your destinations; enjoy the art of traveling with a travel trailer. Whether you want to embark upon the Great American Road Trip or are seeking a comfortable way to enjoy a short holiday at one of the nation's many state parks, a travel trailer will turn a rustic camping trip into a heightened comfortable and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Picking out the perfect travel trailer does not have to be a battle with the bank account. Purchasing a used travel trailer is both practical and economical. While buying any used vehicle takes a bit of knowledge, by knowing what to look for, and what to look out for, you can buy a travel trailer in excellent condition capable of lifetime use at the fraction of the cost of brand new models.

Top Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Used Travel Trailer

1. Can your truck pull the weight?
The most important question is to consider how much weight your current vehicle can tow. Of course, if you are looking in the market for both a trailer and a truck, the entire better for having an increased amount of options. Any travel trailer over 3,500 lbs will require a class IV or V receiver on the towing vehicle and a weight distributing hitch system.
2. Is there evidence of water damage?
Leaking water can lead to mold and dry rot in hard to reach places, causing expensive long-term problems. When looking at used travel trailers, check for stains in the ceiling or corners. Inspect the roof, frame, and siding for evidence of delamination where moisture could creep in.
3. Does the floor-plan match your needs?
Each traveler has different traveling preferences. Are you okay with a tiny cupboard of a bathroom, or do you need more room to stretch and a shower to enjoy? Consider your cooking habits, some might want a full kitchen while others are more apt to spend time grilling outside.
4. In what condition are the tires?
Travel trailer tiers typically last 5-7 years. By checking the tires not only will you be able to ascertain whether or not they'll need replacing soon, but this will also provide a nice estimate on the use or abuse of the trailer's previous owners.
5. How operable are the appliances and batteries?
Before buying a used travel trailer, it is important to check all the appliances, from lighting the stove to flushing the toilet, be sure everything is in working order. Problems with appliances are not necessarily deal breakers, replacement unit may be desirable. However, a thorough check of appliance use also helps to look for more hidden structural damages like faulty electrical wiring.

Travel trailers are bought for two primary uses. One for pure vacation use, for a few weeks or months every year the travel trailer becomes the cabin in the woods or the bungalow besides the beach. For this, the buyer can be more flexible when buying a travel trailer; it can be smaller and lighter because of its infrequent use. For those who plan to use the travel trailer as a second home, spending extended portions of the year within it, it is important to be stricter in buying assessments. The longer the travel trailer will replace your brick and motor home, the more you'll want in terms of space and durable construction.