Monday, 11 February 2013

Applying For a Job is an Art - Do Not Piss Your Future Off by Making Funny Mistakes

Do not Make These Mistakes While Applying for a Job
Today, while I was short-listing CVs for the post of Content Writer, I came across several non-professional things that made me to write this post here. I hope all of you will take these suggestions positively so next time you are not being ignored by the Employer. Here are they: 

1: The foremost surprising thing for me was, none of the applicants even bothered to write a Cover Letter in the Email. Please don't overlook Cover Letter while applying for a job via Email as it creates a good impression of your professional behavior and attitude towards the particular post. (Note: Most of the CVs are shortlisted on the basis of Cover Letter included in the Email) 

2: Make sure what you are applying for. The Job was, say, about Content Writer, and the Subject of most of the CVs was "Application for Software Development.” This would not also help you to get shortlisted. 

3. Job Location plays a vital role in your CV selection. In the particular case that i am talking about, most of the CVs i receive were from Lahore, Bahawalpur, and Karachi while the Job Location, that in the advertisement was clearly mentioned, was "Islamabad.” I ain't saying you should not apply for such jobs. However, if you are applying, make sure you show your willingness to work anywhere. And for that, you are advised to mention it in your Cover Letter. Trust me, the CV will be shortlisted.

 4: I do not know whether I should write this final point or not, yet i am going ahead with it. Do not kid with the employer. Tell me does it make any sense that your email id says you are Ishtiaq, your Email Subject suggests your name as Faria, and the CV attached is of Farhan Shahid. (I laughed a lot on this today). 

 5: By the way above point was not final, I have one more thing to tell you. If you have decided to feature your Photo as an integral part of your CV, make sure it is a passport size. I wish, i could show you the CV in which the boy was laying down on Icy roads of Murree. (A Real Big Laugh of the Day for Me)

 Safety Tip: As per my professional experience, i would suggest you not to mention your CNIC numbers in the CV. 

 People, I do not know how well i have explained you about my C.V short listing experience today. But, trust me, If you do these minor mistakes while applying for a particular post, you are not going to get it.  If you need to know how to apply for a job, read this useful post to have a better idea.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Flowers – Preaching Peace to the World

best rose pics
Beautiful Natural flowers are the purest symbols of peace in the whole world. Regardless where these flowers grow they symbolizeaffection of love, happiness and peace for everyone. Meaning of flowers lies as they are conveyed. They are very soft and enhancing by nature. Flowers are making a strong comeback.

It has been proved biologically that the the effects of colors and fragrance of flowers are positive for a human body. It converts softness and peace to the human brain. By the flower’s colors and scents, neurochemicals in our brains are released. When we emotionally feel weak and ill we get a natural fresh from the color and freshness of flowers. When we met someone who is not well we love to convey our get well soon message with the help of flowers.

beautfy of flowers
Flowers convey their own message with their fragrance and colors. The soft and beautiful smell of flowers changes the moodof anxiety and negative feelings into a soft and loving mood. If we present our loved ones a gorgeous bouquet, help brighten moods, and the positive effect remains as long as the flowers are blooming. Flowers are the best way to end any fight and anger. Flowers never become bored or common themselves. The natural beauty and color of flowers manage to inspire happiness, peace, love and calmness to everyone and this helps in to overcome any fight, anger, emotional distresses that keep any relationship down.

The best way of getting rest and make your mind calm and positive is to arrange at least some part of your place “handmade garden”. A beautiful place “Garden” where you can rest and think, a peaceful observation point. Sometimes we fed up from our busy lives and want to release stress, that time we need some sunshine, seclusion of a quiet area, a cool reflective private spot. Garden in our home is the best peaceful place where anytime we can taste the freshness of the air and fresh smell where we can breathe. For the change of mood sometimes can listen to songs of flowers and the wind rustling the maple leaves.

Beautiful Flower

Seasonal flowers also convey the beautiful fragrance of the season, like in summer you can smell the warm dry scent of summer, can feel the fragrance of the spring drifting breeze from the beautiful spring flowers. When we have any flower with us the first thing we always notice about flowers is the appearance, fragrance and freshness of flower. If the flowers are arranged with funky colors then our mood becomes happy like a joyously bright bouquet, or a quiet pastel one, the colors grasp our attention and our emotions.

Flowers are different because of their color and fragrance. Every flower tells us different meaning and convey different message of love, peace and happiness. Roses are the most beautiful flower which symbolize the love and peace in any relationship in the world. Tulips are like beautiful roses of different shape and fragrance and they convey emotions and true feelings of love between each other. Orchids are popular for conveying a beautiful message of peace and charm. Sunflowers also signify love and courage.


Monday, 28 January 2013

Top Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Used Travel Trailer

Spring is on its way. With it comes the desire to free oneself from the confines of one's stagnant home in order to journey forth into the great outdoors. This year enjoy more than just your destinations; enjoy the art of traveling with a travel trailer. Whether you want to embark upon the Great American Road Trip or are seeking a comfortable way to enjoy a short holiday at one of the nation's many state parks, a travel trailer will turn a rustic camping trip into a heightened comfortable and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Picking out the perfect travel trailer does not have to be a battle with the bank account. Purchasing a used travel trailer is both practical and economical. While buying any used vehicle takes a bit of knowledge, by knowing what to look for, and what to look out for, you can buy a travel trailer in excellent condition capable of lifetime use at the fraction of the cost of brand new models.

Top Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Used Travel Trailer

1. Can your truck pull the weight?
The most important question is to consider how much weight your current vehicle can tow. Of course, if you are looking in the market for both a trailer and a truck, the entire better for having an increased amount of options. Any travel trailer over 3,500 lbs will require a class IV or V receiver on the towing vehicle and a weight distributing hitch system.
2. Is there evidence of water damage?
Leaking water can lead to mold and dry rot in hard to reach places, causing expensive long-term problems. When looking at used travel trailers, check for stains in the ceiling or corners. Inspect the roof, frame, and siding for evidence of delamination where moisture could creep in.
3. Does the floor-plan match your needs?
Each traveler has different traveling preferences. Are you okay with a tiny cupboard of a bathroom, or do you need more room to stretch and a shower to enjoy? Consider your cooking habits, some might want a full kitchen while others are more apt to spend time grilling outside.
4. In what condition are the tires?
Travel trailer tiers typically last 5-7 years. By checking the tires not only will you be able to ascertain whether or not they'll need replacing soon, but this will also provide a nice estimate on the use or abuse of the trailer's previous owners.
5. How operable are the appliances and batteries?
Before buying a used travel trailer, it is important to check all the appliances, from lighting the stove to flushing the toilet, be sure everything is in working order. Problems with appliances are not necessarily deal breakers, replacement unit may be desirable. However, a thorough check of appliance use also helps to look for more hidden structural damages like faulty electrical wiring.

Travel trailers are bought for two primary uses. One for pure vacation use, for a few weeks or months every year the travel trailer becomes the cabin in the woods or the bungalow besides the beach. For this, the buyer can be more flexible when buying a travel trailer; it can be smaller and lighter because of its infrequent use. For those who plan to use the travel trailer as a second home, spending extended portions of the year within it, it is important to be stricter in buying assessments. The longer the travel trailer will replace your brick and motor home, the more you'll want in terms of space and durable construction.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Common Stock Financing or Capital Debt Financing – How can you Raise It?

There are two methods to finance the requirements of a business. They are debt financing or equity financing. While discussing about debt financing, it is using debt or borrowing money finance to pay off the outstanding bills or finance the purchases. Capital debt financing refers to borrowing money, also called "capital", for the purchase or financing of real property or capital improvements.

The simple way to raise debt for a business is to take out a commercial loan from a bank. The banks will ask for collateral when you take out the loan with the business owner’s property such as home or investment account. You will have to pay off the loan amount within a definite period of time with a fixed rate of interest. Once you repay the loan, you may take out the same amount of loan again for your business with the same terms and conditions without the need of more paper work. Equity financing comes directly from the company or its owners. The profits that are re-invested into the company and are not share out as dividends are a form of equity financing.

It may happen that a company is not credit worthy for taking out a loan but has sufficient cash flow to make the regular payments. In such a case, leasing may seem to be a good option for real property. You need to know that there are many lease agreements that have a discount purchase option to buy land or equipment at the end of the lease term for a “balloon” payment which calculates previous lease payment towards the purchase price.  However, there are many contracts that may boost your net income and productivity and even provide you tax benefits.

While talking about equity financing, you need to know that it involves raising capital through the issue of stocks. This happens in numerous ways in the world of business financing. The business enterprise capital firms invest large sums of capital through the purchase of majority shares at the setting up of a business in order to produce capital through returns. In other instances, the companies increase money by publicly trading equity through the stock market. In case of other equity forms, the large companies invest in small companies by buying large sums of stock, sometimes sufficient to become majority owner and control the decision-making process of a company.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Easy Way to Appreciate Dads

There are a great many people in the world, who do jobs that are under-appreciated. Indeed, people like nurses, teachers, lollipop ladies, counselors, outreach workers, sports coaches and caretakers are all prime examples of people who willingly give their all yet receive very little reward in return.

Of course, there is one glaring omission from this less-than-comprehensive list – dads.

Dads are perhaps the most under-appreciated people on the planet. Whilst mums may get a nice bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, or even some jewelry from their offspring on Mother’s Day for their considerable and unselfish efforts; dads will get a begrudging acknowledgement of their existence and a token gesture of a card on Father’s Day – if they’re lucky!

Indeed, all of their efforts in providing a free taxi service, repairing everything that gets broken, lending (giving) money, dressing up as Santa, and being the focus of endless ridicule get acknowledged with nothing more than a once a year generic Father’s Day card from the local petrol station.
That’s under appreciation on a colossal scale, especially when it is considered that personalized Father’s Day cards are now so readily available online.

As well as being able to include memorable photos and heart-warming messages, these thoughtful cards are quick and easy to create so there really is no reason why any dad should go without a thoughtful treat at least once a year!

Truly, appreciating dads has never been so easy - or so overdue!

The Affect of Debt Management Plan (DMP) on Credit Score

If you have settled you debts through debt management plan agreement and miss any payments you have to make to your creditors, then your credit rating will be affected very badly. And if you will pay less to your creditors each month than you originally agreed then they will view your account as in default and issue you with a default notice. Your creditors will put down that you have missed the payment on your credit file and will issue a notice to you. That’s why your credit score is badly affected.

How Long a Debt Management Plan Affect Your Credit Rating:
If you start your debt management plan for the first time then it is likely that your creditors will issue a default notice against you. It will be registered in your credit file and will remain there for 6 years. Meanwhile all late payment records and default notice will be seen if anyone carries out a credit check against you and they will hesitate to lend you more money.
After six years if you are unable to pay your outstanding debts than you may still find that your credit rating remains bad and still face problems to borrow more money. If all of your outstanding debts have been settled or paid in full than your credit rating will begin to repair and your credit history will start improving.

Would My Credit Rating be affected anyway?
If you are facing problem with your debts and are unable to pay your creditors, your credit rating will be affected whether you go for debt management plan or others. Getting a bad or poor credit rating will not be due to debt management plan. Once your plan is completed whether it would be a DMP or any other and you have paid all your debt, then your credit score will start improving.

Improving Your Credit Rating:
If you think that your credit ratings is not good in financial market and have confused what and how should I do, you should take advice by an expert debt advisor. However you should pay to creditors on time, reduce debt to credit ratio, use more than one time of credit, and stick with the accounts you have.