Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fight Back Your Tears

At times, it becomes hard to control emotions and tear trickle down your face rapidly. People close to your heart can understand why you are tearing but many others cannot especially, when you are at work, tearing seems to be a social embarrassment and awkward. Off course, being a strong personality, you would not want others to know you are crying and for that, you make a fist and press your fingernails into your palm but emotions seem to be uncontrolled. But, you really want to prevent tears, when they are on their way.

If that’s the case with you, then you must learn the way to control your emotions. For that, first off you will need to understand biting your lip hard and causing pain to yourself wouldn’t solve the problem. Moreover, a lot of people use anger to fight back the tears but it obviously is not an appropriate way of controlling the tears. In fact, it will make you feel worse.

Here is what you need to do in such situations:
Leave the Place: When you find yourself in a situation you are about to cry, you must leave the place before you start to cry.
Divert Your Attention: Try not to think about the things causing the pain. You must try to distract your attention by thinking of other things that will make you feel better. Leave the place, take a deep breath, drink a glass of water, and tell yourself a joke.
Do not Blink: Do not blink frequently, when you feel you are about to cry. As soon you will start blinking, the tears will automatically be trickling down your face.
These three tips will easily help you have control over your tears that will help you to avoid social embarrassment.

Tearing is not bad, if it takes the frustration out of you. A person who cries is stronger than the one who does not but do not let it affect you. A non-crier has no idea what its like to cry. When you try swallow your tears, it hurts you throat and deep down inside. However, social embraceable and cursing the same things are the reason why you are advised to learn how to control your tears