Saturday, 7 July 2012

What I Know as a Mathematician

These are somethings i find fascinating about mathematics so i'd like to share my views.

It was first in my abstract algebra's class i realized, how Mathematics almost ran every course of nature. It became obvious and clear. The excitement of this revelation was enormous, every thought and reason came rushing together and it all started to make sense.

How could a newly born child possibly recognize his mother? or sense danger? Express anger? And most importantly familiarize?

Exists in nature? True. But the phenomenon through which, is what we know as Mathematics.
Now Let me explain what i have stated above.

When i was learning group theory, its elements their properties, sets and mappings.It is then i understood that categorizing does not start from this class but from the very moment of ones existence. The identification of color red and what attributes to it? How do i classify it as red? of course, its properties!
Now how do i classify red into the group of colors? The process would begin, if red satisfies all the properties of the Group:Color, then it does simply belong to that group.

Another reference i'd like to make is of a newly born child.How would a child know that this person is his mother and not her or him? How would he know whose arms to rest into?
Well, let us define an operation, Group( mother ,+)
(i) Sense of familiarity
(ii) feeds when hungry
(iii) provides when needed
(v) smells a certain way
(vi) holds distinctly

and many more that would follow.

Fascinating how a child who is just born and knows of nothing, is already processing graduate level of mathematics in his brain, classifying and familiarizing. Makes one wonder, at the same time, about the complexity of mathematics and how easily it comes to everyone without even trying.