Sunday, 11 November 2012

4 Things to do On a Snowy Day

Its winter and snowfall will probably be starting soon! While some people hate snow season, many like me love Snowy days as it brings loads of fun. Here are fun activities you can do on a snowy day to cheer up your winter:

 Snow Man
Build some snowy aesthetic structures. You can make a Snow Man, Snow Castle or even a monster. Everyone especially kids and adults love to do it whenever they get into a snowy day. Whenever I get into a day like this, me along with friends arrange a competitive to see who is more creative and artistic.

 Ice Skating
Not everyone but people who are closed enough to a snowy place can take advantage to go ice-skating. On a snowy place, there is nothing better than to skate.

 Play Snow Ball Fight
Snow Ball fight with your friends or family can be a good idea to make this day full of joy. Take random pictures while you fun and fight around, upload on your Facebook profile and page to let others know how you enjoy in winters.

Baking a pie or making a pizza is something special about a warm meal on a cold day.

Play Monopoly or Risk
For a bigger group of friend or family, playing Monopoly or Risk is a big fun on a snowy day.