Thursday, 31 January 2013

Flowers – Preaching Peace to the World

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Beautiful Natural flowers are the purest symbols of peace in the whole world. Regardless where these flowers grow they symbolizeaffection of love, happiness and peace for everyone. Meaning of flowers lies as they are conveyed. They are very soft and enhancing by nature. Flowers are making a strong comeback.

It has been proved biologically that the the effects of colors and fragrance of flowers are positive for a human body. It converts softness and peace to the human brain. By the flower’s colors and scents, neurochemicals in our brains are released. When we emotionally feel weak and ill we get a natural fresh from the color and freshness of flowers. When we met someone who is not well we love to convey our get well soon message with the help of flowers.

beautfy of flowers
Flowers convey their own message with their fragrance and colors. The soft and beautiful smell of flowers changes the moodof anxiety and negative feelings into a soft and loving mood. If we present our loved ones a gorgeous bouquet, help brighten moods, and the positive effect remains as long as the flowers are blooming. Flowers are the best way to end any fight and anger. Flowers never become bored or common themselves. The natural beauty and color of flowers manage to inspire happiness, peace, love and calmness to everyone and this helps in to overcome any fight, anger, emotional distresses that keep any relationship down.

The best way of getting rest and make your mind calm and positive is to arrange at least some part of your place “handmade garden”. A beautiful place “Garden” where you can rest and think, a peaceful observation point. Sometimes we fed up from our busy lives and want to release stress, that time we need some sunshine, seclusion of a quiet area, a cool reflective private spot. Garden in our home is the best peaceful place where anytime we can taste the freshness of the air and fresh smell where we can breathe. For the change of mood sometimes can listen to songs of flowers and the wind rustling the maple leaves.

Beautiful Flower

Seasonal flowers also convey the beautiful fragrance of the season, like in summer you can smell the warm dry scent of summer, can feel the fragrance of the spring drifting breeze from the beautiful spring flowers. When we have any flower with us the first thing we always notice about flowers is the appearance, fragrance and freshness of flower. If the flowers are arranged with funky colors then our mood becomes happy like a joyously bright bouquet, or a quiet pastel one, the colors grasp our attention and our emotions.

Flowers are different because of their color and fragrance. Every flower tells us different meaning and convey different message of love, peace and happiness. Roses are the most beautiful flower which symbolize the love and peace in any relationship in the world. Tulips are like beautiful roses of different shape and fragrance and they convey emotions and true feelings of love between each other. Orchids are popular for conveying a beautiful message of peace and charm. Sunflowers also signify love and courage.