Monday, 11 February 2013

Applying For a Job is an Art - Do Not Piss Your Future Off by Making Funny Mistakes

Do not Make These Mistakes While Applying for a Job
Today, while I was short-listing CVs for the post of Content Writer, I came across several non-professional things that made me to write this post here. I hope all of you will take these suggestions positively so next time you are not being ignored by the Employer. Here are they: 

1: The foremost surprising thing for me was, none of the applicants even bothered to write a Cover Letter in the Email. Please don't overlook Cover Letter while applying for a job via Email as it creates a good impression of your professional behavior and attitude towards the particular post. (Note: Most of the CVs are shortlisted on the basis of Cover Letter included in the Email) 

2: Make sure what you are applying for. The Job was, say, about Content Writer, and the Subject of most of the CVs was "Application for Software Development.” This would not also help you to get shortlisted. 

3. Job Location plays a vital role in your CV selection. In the particular case that i am talking about, most of the CVs i receive were from Lahore, Bahawalpur, and Karachi while the Job Location, that in the advertisement was clearly mentioned, was "Islamabad.” I ain't saying you should not apply for such jobs. However, if you are applying, make sure you show your willingness to work anywhere. And for that, you are advised to mention it in your Cover Letter. Trust me, the CV will be shortlisted.

 4: I do not know whether I should write this final point or not, yet i am going ahead with it. Do not kid with the employer. Tell me does it make any sense that your email id says you are Ishtiaq, your Email Subject suggests your name as Faria, and the CV attached is of Farhan Shahid. (I laughed a lot on this today). 

 5: By the way above point was not final, I have one more thing to tell you. If you have decided to feature your Photo as an integral part of your CV, make sure it is a passport size. I wish, i could show you the CV in which the boy was laying down on Icy roads of Murree. (A Real Big Laugh of the Day for Me)

 Safety Tip: As per my professional experience, i would suggest you not to mention your CNIC numbers in the CV. 

 People, I do not know how well i have explained you about my C.V short listing experience today. But, trust me, If you do these minor mistakes while applying for a particular post, you are not going to get it.  If you need to know how to apply for a job, read this useful post to have a better idea.